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Contest~Flower Picking  by IblisTriger Contest~Flower Picking :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 2 W.I.P by IblisTriger W.I.P :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 0 REST,LOVE,  JOY by IblisTriger REST,LOVE, JOY :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 1 0 Classy is Mettaton X by IblisTriger Classy is Mettaton X :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 7 10 W.I.P by IblisTriger W.I.P :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 0 W.I.P by IblisTriger W.I.P :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 6 REQUEST by IblisTriger REQUEST :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 0 Contest- Red Velvet's Cake  by IblisTriger Contest- Red Velvet's Cake :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 4 SuperKnux in Saves the Day? by IblisTriger SuperKnux in Saves the Day? :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 0 Fight? by IblisTriger Fight? :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 1 0 HELP ME SILVER by IblisTriger HELP ME SILVER :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 0 0 Request:Makeover? by IblisTriger Request:Makeover? :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 0 Peridot  by IblisTriger Peridot :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 4 0 Shad by IblisTriger Shad :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 2 0 SWITCH by IblisTriger SWITCH :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 3 4 Valentine  by IblisTriger Valentine :iconiblistriger:IblisTriger 4 9
My Art work owo


I have to admit I love the texture, the shading, and how ya dress them up quite lovely. Though the expressions of Private and Rico sort...

I am very speechless how to express and describe something so evil and perfect . I even love their expression looks really realistic an...

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AWESOME ARTWORK FROM BETTER PEOPLE I am so jelly but yet so proud of them T~T



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United States
I love Sonadow, yaoi and yuri mostly importantly ma Family X3


220 deviations
Contest~Flower Picking
Contest is from Frozen Cinder
I doodle Emma whom is done picking flowers in a windy day of spring ♡
265 deviations
Classy is Mettaton X
First signature and first art to be post on cinco de mayo x3
Hope you love your request ThatGirlClassy
I have to admit I love the texture, the shading, and how ya dress them up quite lovely. Though the expressions of Private and Rico sort of reminded me of Robin who had been kidnapped by Joker:… but lucky you made it stand out in your own way while Rico sort of amazed me but in a good scary way. IN a way I am speechless but amazed since this is the first time I these penguins as humans. Plus I LOVE the background it reminded me of their movie picture.Keep up the greatest work of yours >w> <3
A gift that is still in progress
Hope ya love how boom of ya ends up x3
I did my best and I sort of gave up to continue this is how far I went o3o
Contest- Red Velvet's Cake
This contest is from CTC-Tomboy
This is her Oc known as Red Velvet
I had lots of fun doodling her for fun x3

SuperKnux in Saves the Day?
I am proud of this silly old short comic I did and a very small doodle on the right corner owo
Short story Sanic turns Shad into a girl since foxy had an interesting weapon. SO SHAD was just simply avenging himself by punching Sanic in the face. Knuckles comes out of no where and Sanic thought he was gonna be saved but turns out Knuckles wanted the "girl" and he achevied
YAY owo
THE FORM I SAW THEM SPEAKING (tell me your version):
1.Shad: HOw dare you do this to me?!?😡
Sonic: well... KNUCKLES!!! 😂
SuperKnux (inner thoughts): get the girl or save my pal😐
2. SuperKnux (inner): Girl 😋
Sonic: WHY KNUX 😭
Shad: hmm 🙂
3. Sonic K.O.
Knuckles: Are you okay madam did he hurt you? 😄
Shad: Ummm nope... 😅
4. SuperKnux: He's okay *gets closer*😆
Shad (inner): wow this guy sure did taught him a lesson... *leans closer to SuperKnux*
Sonic(inner): why would he do this to me his own pal it is all over again with the chaos emerald 😢
5 + 6 *SuperKnux kisses Shadow on the cheek and gets prepare to fly up*
SuperKnux: HOHOhoho
Sonic (inner):5. Now I get it😲6. He stole my future bride!😡
7. In the sky
Knuckles: So where you wanna go honey bun~😙
Shadow(inner): oh god... 😳
I rarely use emoji so that is why you see it owo not sure what it means but hell with it
I love yaoi~♡♡♡
Note: Sanic thought Knuckles kisses Shad in the lips which explains his mad face. oWo
Also Knuckles is superman while Shad is Lois Lane >w<
Boom Fini vs Perci and there is just Zoey very shock
I am gonna upload all my old favorite sketches or maybe redraw them or probably outline them
Mabye gotten tag by  DawnHedgehog555 

1. You must post ALL the Rules.

2. Each person has to answer 13 things about themselves.
3. Create 13 questions the people you tag will answer.
4. Tag 13 people.
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags.
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator tells you.
10. Be creative with the title. No " I got tagged" stuff.

1.) What's your favorite movie?
Avengers  Spiderman - Avengers 
2.) What's your favorite color?

3.) What's your favorite TV show/anime?

hmmm can't decide for now Sonic BoomSonic Boom Tails Sly Face 

4.) Who's your favorite YouTuber?

Shad X and Animation Shadow Heart

5.) Do you have a best friend?

6.) Have any pets?

I use toSonic Shrug Emote 

7.) What's your favorite song?

Simon Cutis~ I hate you 

8.) Coke or Pepsi?

Diet Coke  X3

9.) Right Twix or left Twix?

I prefer Kisses X3

10.) Favorite number?


11.) Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven?

Stairway to Heaven

12.) Pizza or burgers?

Chocolate is better <3

13.) Do you like it shaken or stirred?

Sonic Shrug Emote 

So er, 13 questions for you tagged;

1) Pick a favourite show.

2) Are you north or south?

3) Share something about yourself?

4) Name the film for this quote; "You can take our lives, but you'll never take our freedom!"

5) If you could be any sega sonic character, which would you be?

6) What do you think about the platypus? 

7) Would you rather be; a smart pig or a dumb poodle?

8) Who could you stand to spend a day without getting easily frustrated with them?

9) What is your favourite flavour of ice-cream? Name three!

10) Xbox one or PS4?

11) What's your favourite season?

12) Do you look at the glass half-empty or half-full?

13) Are you superstitious? 

I summon 

  • Listening to: Batman main theme
  • Watching: Paw Patrol
  • Playing: with little sister
  • Eating: loading waiting for chief
  • Drinking: still waiting for chief


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